May Day: A Promise of Progress and Change

Have you ever heard the ships say mayday? Mayday? This May 2023 is no exception. 

Have you ever heard the ships say mayday? It is a distress call that carries an undeniable sense of urgency. Social work has become synonymous with this cry for help, and it is no wonder, given the magnitude of the problems facing our society today. From poverty to health care to education, social workers are on the front lines of some of our most pressing issues. Yet, despite the challenges they face, social workers remain a source of inspiration and hope.

As the weather warms and the May flowers begin to bloom, social workers around the world get to attune to the season of hope and inspiration. The blooming flowers are a reminder of how important it is to build community and cultivate meaningful relationships. Social workers understand that helping others is not only a rewarding career but also an opportunity to foster positive change in communities across the globe. 

#stickwiththeexam Test Prep Hand full of Hints:

Did you know that Social Workers join people at the hip, our number one job is relationships. Many test takers fail the exam because they run to the rescue and forget about the client. 

Keep the client in the conversation as often as you can and use the least restrictive interventions. Do not panic. 

Do not bring your panic into the test questions. It may cost you more than you are willing to pay. 

Mayday! Mayday! You do not want to miss this! When testing, remember to ask yourself:

  • Is there anywhere in this question where I am supposed to ask the client (clarify further, seek more information, check eligibility)?
  • Did I keep the client in the decision-making?
  • Did I miss any safety clues/cues?
  • Did I remember Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs when I am seeking to assist my client?
  • Did I remember to join alongside my client?
  • Am I missing any opportunities to attune with the client? 

Remember, your client can be an individual, couple, group, agency, community, or country. For example, during COVID-19, the world needed an intervention to reduce the outbreaks and deaths. 

#stickwiththeexam Test Prep Reminders:

Set realistic time aside that you are sure you can commit to!

Take your time and run your personal and specific race. You can and will make it across the finish line! 

Understand your learning style and try to enjoy yourself as much as you can. We can retain more of what we enjoy.

Do the best you can to be gentle with yourself. You deserve your own dosage of self-kindness, especially when you demonstrate so much kindness to everyone else. 

Yield the return on your investment in time, effort, dedication, and preparation.  

Your professional growth and development are essential for any career, especially in the field of social work. It helps to ensure you’re up to date on best practice techniques, as well as being able to provide the best service possible for your clients. As a social worker, enhancing your skills is paramount and there are plenty of ways to build your knowledge base. 

As a social worker, you bring unique insights and experiences to the field. Your culture, background, and passions can be leveraged for good in order to promote inclusion, diversity, and advocacy for those who need it most.

#stickwiththeexam Test Prep Hint:

Palm Sunday for test takers = After you engage the client and build a report with clients, then Assess, Plan to meet goals, Link to appropriate services, Monitor for successful outcomes, then evaluate and terminate. Social Workers are at the heart of case management.



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