Overcoming Exam Anxiety: Sticking with the Social Work Exam and Celebrating Your Success

Taking a social work exam can be an intimidating experience, especially when you don’t know what to expect, or how to prepare or have taken and did not pass the exam before. You may feel overwhelmed, pressured, or exhausted by the hours you have given to the exam so far. In addition, you may feel the magnitude of this test and its potential effects on your career. Therefore, while it is important to take the necessary steps to pass the exam, you must also recognize the resilience within yourself and remain confident in your own ability.

You are not alone. Many students feel overwhelmed by the pressure of taking and passing the test. Anxiety can often lead to a failing score, leaving students feeling discouraged and defeated.

The truth is, no matter how difficult or anxiety-inducing the exam process may seem, you are more significant than this one test. It is possible to become an accomplished social worker; you have already done the work for the social work degree. Now the journey is to #stickwiththeexam. We start with doing the steps to pass the exam. It takes dedication and a strong sense of motivation from within. Stay focused on achieving success in passing the exam and remind yourself that you can do more than any test can reflect.

You have completed the requirements to become a social worker, according to the CSWE. Now we are preparing to pass the exam according to the ASWB Licensure exam. 
Remember it is essential to remind yourself that a failing grade does not mean you are incapable of passing the exam; it simply means there is more work to do to prepare for the next attempt.

Sticking with the exam will require dedication and hard work, just like when you were in school working on your degree, but it also requires motivation and self-belief that you can and will pass. Therefore, it is essential for those taking the social work exam to understand their goals and why they are striving to pass this test. Remember why you went into the field of social work to begin with.

Taking time out before each attempt of the exam in order to reflect on one’s purpose can help increase focus and reduce stress levels when approaching areas where you may struggle or feel less confident.

For years, you have worked hard and dedicated yourself to the field of social work without recognition or reward. Yet, you studied diligently for your social work exam and kept pushing forward with a resilient spirit. 

A passing score is reserved for those who show remarkable long-term dedication and commitment to themselves, making it a true honor to be uniquely you. After all your years working diligently towards making the world a better place, you can celebrate the success of your hard work now. You didn’t compete against anyone else; this was always about running your own race and forging ahead no matter the obstacles.

You have already received the Lifetime Achievement Award by obtaining your degree; now, the license awaits you – seize this moment to bask in knowing that all those long days were worth it!



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