After two failed attempts, I finally passed my LMSW exam. I have been studying with Mrs. Treva for about 2 weeks. When I first spoke to her, she told me that according to my scores, I needed to focus on Knowledge Gaps. She was able to promptly explain to me what I needed to do in order to pass the exam. This test seemed so broad to me; having a coach who has years of background experience helped me identify things I didn’t even notice. Mrs. Treva encourages you to study on your own and read through material. When you come to her for coaching, she will break it down and show you how to use certain tools and knowledge to answer the question. She is very patient, which helped a lot because I was able to learn multiple things in very little time. She also taught me a test anxiety coping mechanism to help deal with my emotions during the test. I would definitely recommend her as she is one of few who genuinely care. I am very thankful I met her, and believe she strongly contributed to my success in such little time. Treva Jones Associates will definitely give you a community of people to help you on your journey to licensure.

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