In 2019, I failed by 12 points. In 2020, I failed by 5 points. I was in shock and disbelief when I saw the word ‘FAIL’. I couldn’t believe it, I questioned the integrity of the exam. I called the board and said that I would pay $25.00 to have my exam regraded. I decided against the idea because I felt it would have been a lose-lose situation for me. I was disappointed for a while and lost interest in studying. I kept rescheduling my exam, although I didn’t want to take it. My friend provided me with Treva’s contact information in September 2020, but I called Treva about 3 weeks before my exam, in January. I’m glad I called. I shared that I hadn’t really studied anything, but remembered a lot from my previous attempts. Treva provided encouragement, test-taking strategies, different methods of studying, handouts and memorable mnemonics. My anxiety decreased after attending Treva’s group and individual sessions. In February 2021, I passed the LMSW exam. I studied the exact same thing as before but incorporated Treva’s strategies. Treva contributed to my success!

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