I just passed one of the most difficult exams of my life! I’m now a Licensed Social Worker! I began working with Treva Jones of Treva Jones Associates a few months ago and from the very beginning, she started me on a direct path to passing this LMSW exam. Her guidance, encouragement, positive affirmations, study materials, and groups helped me to push past any negative talk, any doubt, and distractions that were trying to have a seat at my table. She believed in me and that lent so much to my mental ability to stay present with the exam, kick my fears away as they tried to enter my head, and to become what I already knew I was inside…An amazing Therapist. If anyone is looking to pass the exam, join Treva’s Tribe. She not only teaches you that you belong at the table, but she will support you in building your own table so that you can create a path for others to one day join you, in this helping profession. Mental Health Therapists Rock!

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