I had completely given up pursuing my license (LMSW/LCSW) after failing twice! I took the exam right after graduating with my MSW. First, I failed by 1 point; 2nd time, I failed by 2! To say I was discouraged would be an understatement! I was a School Social Worker then and didn’t need my license. I had a side gig as an in-home therapist where that license would have made a huge difference in my salary, but that wasn’t motivating me enough to take that exam again, especially after not failing one exam my entire college career! Defeated, until now! Here, 16 years later, I decided to make a go for it. I relocated to Georgia 7 years ago, and the rules are different from those in New Jersey! So I found myself having to start all over with finding a supervisor and getting hours! I was informed that I had to sit for my LMSW first and then my LCSW. Well, I found a supervisor! As the Lord guided and directed my path, it led me straight to Ms. Treva Jones! I was clueless about the process and reached out through the BTR Facebook group, and she responded, among others! When I tell you, it was the best decision I ever made toward this process! Ms. Treva has picked me up, dusted me off, and set my hind parts in the right direction! My anxiety was decreased, my belief in myself was increased, and the knowledge gained was insurmountable! I have learned sooo much, and my perspective has changed as well thanks to Ms. Treva! Things I knew but didn’t understand why they were the way they were was brought to light! By the time I entered that exam room, I was ready ready! The techniques she gave me were utilized, and every time I drifted off, I was able to tap back in! I was taught by her to always attach the client to my hip, forming that tight relationship! I did want to quote. Her quote is now embedded, but she will certainly share it! I’m not sure how much room I have to share, but thank you so much, Ms. Treva, for teaching and guiding me through this. I am not done though! LCSW is on the horizon, and my confidence is SUP! My abilities are solid! I would encourage anyone to reach out and take her hand! “Endings are better than beginnings. Sticking to it is better than standing out. “Ecclesiastes 7:8! Best wishes to you all!