When I first took the exam I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know about acronyms; I didn’t think that I would need them. But I was wrong! On questions that I had no idea what the answer could be, I used the acronyms provided to me by Treva Jones and applied them to designated types of questions. Miss Jones was a huge help to me from my mentality’s standpoint. She not only provides test prep supervision. She engages me in my fullness; and she catered it towards having a better attitude towards tests as I highly dislike taking tests. She always reminded me to “become one with the exam and to embrace it.” The exam is not going anywhere, I’m not going anywhere, and you are not going anywhere so you might as well attack it.” I am forever grateful to Miss Jones as she has helped me to not only get past this mental hurdle of passing the exam, but also taught me something about myself as well. I highly recommend her services if you are interested in passing the social work licensure exams.