Looking to Prepare for the LMSW or LCSW Examination?

I want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to journey with you through the social work licensure. I am acquainted with life after obtaining my MSW… all the way to the other side of the testing process. I have taken both the LMSW and LCSW exams. When preparing for the LMSW, I used self-discipline, consistency, and optimism. One of my supervisors at the time told me, “If I played with the exam, it would play with me back.” I never forgot that, so to get ready, I used various study material$$$, built my confidence, And I did it! I passed the LMSW first time!

When preparing for the LCSW, I used the same level of excitement while obtaining 3,000 hours of paid work experience and 120 hours of supervision. I sought out employment that was more clinical to aid in this process. I purchased many courses to become more well-rounded. I studied every day for a year and finally scheduled my exam. Unfortunately, after all the hard work and diligence, I did not pass. It would eventually take me several more times to pass. Each failure attacked my high achieving sense of self. After I overcame my journey, I vowed that I would help whomever I could to overcome the challenges I have faced. I reflected on my overall experience from Passing the LMSW on the first try and then testing three times before I would finally pass the LCSW.  I learned that my journey was specific to me.

I was not in competition with anyone. I just needed to overcome whatever it was that was holding me back. My takeaways were: I learned that I was not present with the exam. It was not me taking the test! Worry and Anxiety moved me over, and they took the exam for me. You do not have to have my experience. FYI, I kept every failed printout as a testimony for those who would later desire my assistance through this process.  

I am grateful that I get to journey with you to the “PASS or PASS” finish line! You are a success. You have taken another step. For some, it is a first, and for others, it is another opportunity to achieve your desired results. Some wait for things to happen, others make things happen, and some, who have no clue, don’t know what just happened.

Thank you again. I greatly look forward to supporting you in your journey to the finish line.

All the Best, Treva Jones, MSW, LCSW, MAC